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Award winning mental health radio, Take It From Us broadcasts every Tuesday at 12.30pm on PlanetFM104.6 and is funded by Framework Trust. Take It From Us has changed its focus recently: empowering mental health is our theme and we are emphasizing hope, recovery, positivity, and therapies such as mindfulness and meditation.

For more than two decades, this mental health show – the longest running radio in New Zealand to delve into “psych stuff” – nails the key issues in mental health, and identifies ambassadors for hope and recovery. A key priority is to drive home just how damaging people’s judgments and prejudices can be. That’s called discrimination, and it’s the biggest barrier to people getting better…seeking housing…finding work…gaining independence, being included in their communities… and getting well and staying well. Hosted by mental health advocate and broadcaster Sheldon Brown, shows are available here on framework.org.nz/take-it-from-us or can be accessed live on PlanetFM104.6, via live streaming on www.planetaudio.org.nz/takeitfromus, or can be downloaded from planetaudio.org.nz. The four most recent shows are available too on the planetaudio website, as are specially selected broadcasts in the archive.


Latest Shows from Take It From Us Radio

W talk about a big change at Toi Ora Live Arts, an adult mental health creative space in Putiki Street, Arch Hill, which has punched above its weight for years. General manager Erwin van Asbeck – a broadcaster on our show Take It From Us, and a regular guest too – has resigned from Toi Ora leaving a gaping gap to fill. Here’s Erwin to tell us why.

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We talk about a campaign called Open Minds, a Like Minds, Like Mine project equipping managers with the confidence and skills to talk about mental health in the workplace. Mental health is relevant at work because we spend so much of our time there; we bring our whole selves to work and sometimes we go through hard times and need extra support.  Open Minds provides managers with practical tips to help with conversations about mental health in the workplace. The longterm outcome of Open Minds is that New Zealand employers are able to develop workplace policies, structures and cultures that are more inclusive and supportive of people with experience of mental illness. Here to talk about Open Minds is Lisa Ducat of the Mental Health Foundation.

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